Benefits of Blessing Box



Baby Box

Mums can carry the Blessing Box around the house and can complete other chores without having to worry about baby when they are left alone on the bed.

Sleep better when your little one sleeps in a Blessing Box and is placed in between the parents.

Lightweight and convenient to be carried around the house.

Sleep Peacefully
When baby sleeps better, mummy gets to sleep better too.

Lower Infant Mortality Rates
Compared to babies that sleep on parent’s beds; the Blessing Box may minimize accidental infancy death during the night

Blessing Box

Blessing box is a maternity starter kit available to all expectant parents. It contains essential goods for first time parents to look after their baby.

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Our mission is to promote a safe sleeping and growth environment for baby. The baby box will be an affordable starter kit for those who like to be first time parents to be.

The baby box is made with safe materials which complied SGS and ROHS standards. It helps to reduce “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).”